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Trying to stay warm this winter? Maybe you’re getting ready for a scorching summer? No matter the need, we have you covered. Reverse Cycle, Split System, Ducted, new or old, we can service your unit and have it running perfectly to make sure you keep your home warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. 

Man inspecting air conditioning unit
Servicing a Reverse Cycle Split System


AirConditions works with a range of different units, with no problem being too big or small. So We understand how to make sure your individual needs are taken care of, to make your experience with us is smooth, simple, quick and cost effective. Here’s some questions we get asked often about or repairs and service.

How often should I have my unit serviced?

Much like your car, ideally your air conditioner should be serviced at least once a year to ensure it’s running at its best.

Why should I get my unit serviced?

Dust filters clog up through typical use which means your air conditioner won’t run optimally. Over time, these filters degrade and may require professional cleaning or replacement. We also check that hoses/lines are clear of debris; there’s no tears/rips in your ducting and other pipework and overall ensure your air conditioner is heating & cooling as it should. Some factory warranties require units to get regularly serviced to maintain their warranty coverage.

What happens if I don’t regularly service my unit?

The air conditioner unit simply has to work a lot harder than it normally would. This leads to higher energy use as it struggles with the extra load, and to compound matters, often heating and cooling of your home is worse than a properly maintained system. It also typically reduces the life of the system due to burn-out and other problems an unserviced air conditioner unit experiences. In some cases, a factory warranty might be voided without a service. 

When will I hear back from you?

You’ll hear back from us by the next business day if not sooner!

How quickly can you repair/service my unit?

Typically we can have our experienced, qualified technicians on-site the same week you book with us.

Is it expensive to have my unit serviced/repaired?

Not at all, a typical service is from $165. The servicing price includes the call-out fee and an amount of time to typically service the air conditioner unit. Additional costs may be incurred should parts require replacing or additional time being required.

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