Reverse Cycle Split Systems

Split systems seamlessly blend into your home so that you can control temperature without having to compromise the look of your living space.

A split system air conditioner includes an outdoor unit with a compressor and condenser, plus an indoor unit that contains an air handler. Typically, there’s a connection between these two units that houses copper refrigerant tubing, a power cable and a drain for condensation.

Many people prefer split system air conditioners because of these benefits:

An easier installation process

When compared to a ducted system, a split system requires a lot less work to install. Not only is there no ductwork necessary, but the connector between your indoor and outdoor units only requires a small opening. All that’s left is to identify an ideal place to mount the unit and deliver power to it.

They blend with your décor

With a split system air conditioner, indoor installation is highly flexible. Typically they are mounted to an external wall, but they can be mounted on an internal wall should sufficient access be available. Different head units come in different sizes and are becoming more streamlined than ever before.

Hitatchi Split System
Hitachi Split System

Quiet operations

An indoor ductless unit can operate as silently as 19 decibels – a whisper is rated at 25 decibels so they literally are “whisper quiet”!

Its ductless condenser is also much slimmer in profile, and makes it easy for you to position them in various locations where noise might be a factor or there isn’t a lot of space.

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Here's what one of our happy Split System customers had to say:

AirConditions replaced the split system at my home after my old one gave up. The replacement was done very promptly and at a great price, they were also more than happy to answer my further questions down the track after the installation. Very happy with their service.

Luke Gulliver