Evaporative Coolers

An evaporative cooler is a type of air conditioner that works by harnessing the power of evaporation to cool air temperatures. Adelaide’s climate suits evap coolers due to our low humidity, making this a great, cost effective way to cool your home.

Evaporative Cooling
Breezair Evaporative Cooler

Benefits of an evaporative cooling system

One of the main advantages of an evaporative cooling system is that it provides fresh, clean air. An evaporative unit circulates outside air and filters out all harmful dust particles and allergens. With an evap cooler your home becomes hygienic and a safe environment for those who suffer from airborne allergies.

How do they work?

Evaporative cooling units circulate water through saturated cooling “pads” while drawing air across the surface of these pads. Hot air absorbs moisture from the pads reducing the air temperature that is discharged from the unit. In other words, cooler air is created which is then distributed throughout the home.

Much like a ducted system, outlets are ducted throughout the home to distribute the cooler air. By having windows and doors open, this aids in this process.

Will it save me money?

Typically, yes!

Evaporative coolers are often less expensive to purchase due to typically lower costs for equipment purchase, and requiring lower installation costs. Evaporative cooling is, in most cases, also cheaper to operate than refrigerated cooling.

Environmental benefits

Evaporative cooling is based on a totally natural process of air cooled by water, which means it won’t dry out the air; irritate your skin, throat or eyes; or affect the environment.

It is also one of the healthiest ways to cool because it replaces stale air with clean, fresh air many times an hour. Remember, you keep your doors and windows open. The air is never re-circulated which means smells and airborne germs are expelled.

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